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There was a young boy who grew up in a low-income family

Wale Adekanla is counted among one of the best keynote motivational speakers in the world.  He is a leading authority on leadership execution and strategy. He has studied many successful leaders throughout history around the world and is able to relay his knowledge and expertise with passion and authority.

Wale Adekanla is a highly-sought after consultant in professional and business circles for entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, religious organizations, and leaders from all walks of life. As a renowned speaker and leading authority on personal and professional success, he leaves every audience with feeling positive, highly motivated, and with a clear sense of purpose.

Upcoming Events

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Leadership Execution Conference - Posposted

This is the #1 practical personal development conference of all time. All successful people share one thing in common: hunger – a desire for personal development, growth and progress.

Transformation Flight To Success 2021

Improve Relationships, Increase Income, Expand Influence, and Accelerate Productivity! Transformation Flight to Success is a 2-day dynamic live training seminar designed for ministries and businesses.

Our Business Process

Phase One

*Identification of organizational current position (Development, Maintenance, Decline or Crisis)
*Problem exploration with the top leadership
*Information roundtable
*Leadership Expectations

Phase Two

*Evaluation of the past, present and future positions
*Comprehensive analysis of evaluations
*Propose findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the organization

Phase Three

*Confirmation of problems and recommendations
*Meetings to clarify the needs and expectations
*Planning and setting goals
*Help the leadership in implementing the recommendations
*Evaluation process of the new initiatives

What People Say



“Wale Adekanla is an excellent and inspirational Speaker, a leader passionate about the growth and wellbeing of others. His teachings are captivating and encourage you to be the best at all times.”


“Undoubtedly learned and applied these principles and yielded great and obvious results.”


“He transformed my business in a miraculous way. I appreciate his speech and his mentorship in my life. Thanks for making me a leader through your mentorship.”


“Wale Adekanla is indeed a leadership coach with a difference. You cannot regret visiting him”.


“No one is as determined, dedicated and proactive about his vision as Wale Adekanla. His passion for training and impartation of knowledge is topnotch. I’m happy being associated with him because he’s purpose driven.”


“Mr. Wale has been my great mentor for almost a decade now. I can’t forget in a hurry how he mentored and supervised my day to day activities during my One year compulsory National Youth Service that made me a multiple awards winner (Federal, State and Local Government in Nigeria) under his tutelage. Also making me realize that no matter how fast you move in life without a mentor you don’t stand a chance to go far. He is a young and vibrant leader who enjoys inspiring both young and old people alike.”


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We regret to announce the postponement of this conference due to the global outbreak of Covid-19.

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