Value and Impact Bootcamp (VIB)

Value and Impact Bootcamp is a strategic leadership event. This training is for anyone in business & leadership position who wants to expand their thinking with dynamic leadership strategies from thought leaders. Value and Impact Bootcamp is like getting an MBA in one day. It will clearly show participants how to build and deliver value through innovation. You’ll have a blast as you learn the strategies to systematic success at this action-packed event.

Who should attend the bootcamp?

This event is for you – The one who doesn’t settle for the status quo! The one who leads through uncertainties!

Whether you’re in construction, health care, entertainment, retail, politics, ministry, Media, Science & Technology, education or any other industry, Value and Impact Bootcamp will equip you with the plan you need to lead your team and your organization into the future. We’ll see you there!

Are you a business owner or executive in an organization? Do you want clear business direction, strategy for executive leadership, or systematic approach for team development and productivity? Do you want to start a business with a clear vision? You’ll get a crash course in business leadership from Wale and other top leaders at Value and Impact Bootcamp – and leave with a plan of action.

  • – Entrepreneurs
  • – New C-Suite Executives
  • – New Managers
  • – Politicians
  • – Team Leads
  • – Ministers & Pastors
  • – Aspiring Leaders

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This isn’t just theory. It’s our proven playbook you need to master. Value and Impact Bootcamp is an innovation leadership platform for leaders in any industry.

Bootcamp Outlines:

  • – Understanding the Minority Leadership System
  • – How to Place Leadership at the Top of your priority List
  • – How Leaders Attract, Develop and Multiply Leaders
  • – Develop strategies that spark organic growth culture
  • – Reinforce the growth culture in your environment.
  • – Create an executive position charged with spurring corporate growth and strategic direction.
  • – Tighten operations to reduce costs and increase productivity
  • – Use agile Leadership to improve productivity and efficiency
  • – Inspire people to get a minimum of 15 percent better every year to boost financial performance.
  • – Essential Shifts Every Leader Must Embrace.