Release Your True Potential:

  • Transform Your Life and Become a Coach
  • Unlock Your Leadership Potential and help others to unlock theirs.
  • Transform lives, create discoveries, and leave your mark on the world.


Wale has worked with many professionals to start their coaching and consulting businesses. You will have the opportunity to be helped by result-oriented coaches and learn the best coaching practices to produce effective results.


ENROLL in the three or six-month Certified Personal Coach (CPC) program taught online or onsite.


Get the training you need to:

  • Discover what makes you unique
  • Take your coaching skills to the next level.
  • Be effective and efficient every single time you coach a client.
  • Catalyze your client’s progress and your business
  • Understand the core skills you need to excel at building a successful business
  • Help other people achieve success in both work and life.
  • Understand Coaching vs. Counseling, Coaching vs. Mentoring, and Coaching vs. Consulting.
  • Understand what coaching is, what it’s not and the four skills that will empower you to coach any client through any challenge or opportunity.


You will get Everything You Need to get Started and Build a Successful Coaching Business. Ready to earn a living helping others lead and become fulfilled?