Transformation Flight To Success 2021 (International Tour)




 Improve Relationships, Increase Income, Expand Influence, and Accelerate Productivity!

This International Transformation Tour is a 2 or 3-day dynamic live training seminar designed for teams and organizations. The training is available for both onsite and offsite in order to cover all the bases for your team and organization. This life-changing seminar will clearly show you what 98% of the population does and why only 2% of the population is highly successful in their lives and businesses. This event will help teams and organizations at all levels – from executives to stay-at-home parents – to learn how to increase both company sales and accelerate growth, improve personal relationships and double productivity, earn deserved promotions and salary increase, and personal and business debt free strategy.

This live training will also help individuals and organizations discover, develop and demonstrate their latent potentials. It will inspire organizational effectiveness and offer people the help, supports, and opportunities needed to develop their self-image, confidence, excellence culture and healthy relationships through a process of participation, collaboration and shared learning. Wale achieves these through his huge supports to individuals and leaders aligning their operational structures and teams for high-performance results. His goals are to reconstruct minds; teach practical insight; inspire people out of fears to achieve their goals and dreams.

The transformation training will answer all your questions and get you results. You don’t have to learn these principles and practical strategies for business growth, another principle for marriage, and more for your career or spiritual life. It’s the same foundation – the same principles and strategies – and that is why my clients have stories about how these principles and strategies have practically changed every area of their lives.

Day 1: Transformation

  • First Steps to Personal Leadership
  • Transformation Process
  • Transforming your workplace

Day 2: Relationship Management System (RMS) – Get more out of Relationships, Career, Money, Kids, Finances, Business, Investments, Work, Living, Success, Family, and Life.

Day 3: Personal and Business Leadership Development – How to apply RSM Strategies and Increase Productivity

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