The 17 Indisputable Laws of Greatness – Soft Copy


Achieving greatness isn’t the norm or the common language on the lips of mortals. Saddled with the quest for survival, the thirst for greatness eludes most creatures of thought but not you. You are holding this book because the book had been looking for you and was written with your rainbow quest. Something in you knows that greatness isn’t genetic and it’s not injectable. Thus you sought this path and waiting was this book to guide you to the greatness you were born for. Greatness begins when you discover your core, your center and then turn it to a magic zone for the benefit of mankind. So that when you die, you will live on in the minds of those alive. Greatness is the product of following a path, aligning with a series of process and undoubtedly abiding by natural laws. Playing second class isn’t your destiny and you can become great as well by simply learning and applying what made the great great.


Setting a goal and achieving it, is the simplest form of success and everybody can actually be successful. I am all for success but Wale takes it one giant step ahead.


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