“17 Practical Ways To Move From Ordinary To Extraordinary Life”

Do you know how to lead and achieve greatness in every area of life? Do you know that you already have what it takes to transform your business and leadership life? Do you know that you can start a business, produce great employees and build a great organization? Do you want to discover the secrets to success that you never learned in college? My “17 Practical Ways To Move From Ordinary To Extraordinary Life” will help you to learn the timeless principles of business and leadership, unlearn your negative stories and relearn everything you need to succeed. It is time to discover, develop and demonstrate your leadership potential!


We all have the leadership ability. Everyone has the ability to influence something, which could meet several human needs through business innovations. This course is designed to prepare individuals to transform their world. Our vision is to raise extraordinary people in families, businesses, communities, organizations and nations.

OUR VALUES: Relationship, Excellence, Creativity and Integrity

PHILOSOPHY: Everyone is a leader!


This All-Inclusive Course is available for Everyone, including Employees, Management Teams in Organizations, Youth Development Groups, Churches and Government Leaders.


Wale Adekanla, a dynamic Motivational Speaker and Leadership Coach with a burning passion for human development. He is an astute trainer and advisor to leaders, entrepreneurs, instructors, and business executives. He is an accredited asset in Human Capacity Development and a remarkable speaker internationally. His teachings on success universal principles have motivated, inspired and instigated individuals and organizations around the world to begin to achieve their goals and live their dreams.

He is a recipient of two national awards in Nigeria. He is the President of Success Nature InterContinental with a vision to raise Business Leaders in Nations. He is also the Founder of Rescue Team Projects, through which he helps individuals and organizations in Africa to discover their leadership power and live their dreams.


“Wale is a unique young man. He is already remarkable by the list of impressive achievements he has behind him. He leaves a mark wherever he goes.” – Dr Mark Osa Igiehon, International Oil and Gas Industry Leader, UK.


“Wale Adekanla has put together a product that will set us thinking and inspire us to take action for the greater good. The world needs more great men and women, this product will show you how. Enjoy! And go and do great things.” – Sidney Sanni, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Author


“You are a great man; words really can’t explain how much impact you have made in people’s lives.” – Oyedemi Ajiboye, CEO, Blessed Foundation International


“Achieving greatness isn’t the norm or the common language on the lips of mortals. Saddled with the quest for survival, the thirst for greatness eludes most creatures of thought but not you. Allow this product remove your name from the list of peasants and let it set you with royalty because that is where you were born to be. Live your destiny, BE GREAT.” – Smith Bam, Author and Motivational Speaker.


“Wale Adekanla has masterfully laid out some key laws and fundamental principles that would guide any person aspiring to achieve true greatness.” – Ajukwura Wokoma, Health Safety and Environment Professional


“Wale is remarkably resourceful young man. His creative expositions, positive attitude to work and passion for excellence has distinguished him.” – AwakEssien, Eno H. (Mrs), NYSC Benue State Coordinator, Nigeria.


“Wale is an inspiration to youths. He is committed, passionate and focused on uplifting his people and directs them to the right track in life.” – Prince Mohammed Momoh, NYSC Lagos State Coordinator, Nigeria.

Partner with Wale Adekanla and open doors of opportunities that you never thought were possible.

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