Our Business Process

“Solving problems find you uncommon favor. When you find a favor, you get money” – Wale Adekanla

Our Business Process

Our Business Process is divided into three phases. Each phase requires a thorough assessment and analysis of the personal or organizational needs. The phases are: Entry, Problem Exploration and Contracting. These phases help us in taking critical decisions in the analysis and implementation of organizational projects.

Phase 1

  • Identification of organizational current position (Development, Maintenance, Decline or Crisis)
  • Problem exploration with the top leadership
  • Information roundtable
  • Leadership Expectations

Phase 2

  • Evaluation of the past, present and future positions
  • Comprehensive analysis of evaluations
  • Propose findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the organization

Phase 3

  • Confirmation of problems and recommendations
  • Meetings to clarify the needs and expectations
  • Planning and setting goals
  • Help the leadership in implementing the recommendations
  • Evaluation process of the new initiatives