(The Transformation Code)
Wale Adekanla is supporting passionate and able leaders in organizations to develop transformational leadership and create the influence initiative system – Light, Salt, and Yeast Strategies.


The most important need in our world today is to raise able leaders and empower them to raise others.


This is why we are extending a 2-day dynamic leadership development training to all business organizations and churches that are willing to expand the kingdom culture around the world.


The world needs kingdom-focused leaders in every family, team, organization, and nation. This event will create a generation of purposeful, inspired, and empowered leaders who are dedicated to personal success and legacy, leadership multiplication, and influence culture.


We have designed a curriculum to help you develop a leadership culture and raise leaders in your organization. This training will create an environment where leaders and emerging leaders can connect and collaborate with each other and share knowledge, strategies, and execution plans to multiply success and influence the world.


Our goal is to raise 10 million leaders by 2030. If you desire a transformational culture, please fill out this simple form so we can contact you.


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