“Concentrating on your passion makes you the best all the time as you also enjoy it” – Wale Adekanla

Wale Adekanla is counted among one of the best keynote motivational speakers in the world.  He is a leading authority on leadership execution and strategy. He has studied many successful leaders throughout history around the world and is able to relay his knowledge and expertise with passion and authority.  Wale Adekanla is a highly-sought after consultant in professional and business circles for entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, religious organizations, and leaders from all walks of life. As a renowned speaker and leading authority on personal and professional success, he leaves every audience with a positive mindset and a clear sense of purpose.

In 2001, Wale Adekanla felt as though his life lacked purpose, and that he was not able to contribute anything of value to his community. However, he realized he could make a choice; he could continue on the path he was on or create a new path for himself. He decided not to accept the life that was being scripted for him. He was determined to elevate himself from his life of apathy and ambiguity.  Through his determination and hard work, he was able to unleash his true potential.

In 2011, he was awarded the Nigerian President’s Honors Award for his unsurpassed contribution towards national development in Nigeria. In 2008, he started his own business, The Leadership Channel Consulting. He has also authored five books, including the international bestselling book, The 17 Indisputable Laws of Greatness: How to Start from Where You Are.  His motivational messages have encouraged people around the world to realize their dreams, achieve their goals, and create lasting results in their lives and their organizations.

Wale Adekanla is committed to inspiring and training people to produce results and to be successful leaders.

“Leadership is the ability and the capacity to inspire people to do what they thought they couldn’t do with a sense of purpose and vision,”- Wale Adekanla. 

His innovative and inspiring talks not only teach people how to become successful leaders, but also how to monitor their progress.

“Change is automatic and constant, but progress is not. If you want to achieve progress repeatedly, you must condition it to daily growth.” –Wale Adekanla

Most people are afraid to jump. However, Wale motivates every audience to act in spite of fear.  He customizes high-impact and high-energy messages to meet the needs of his target audiences.  His executive trainings are offered through a process of participation, collaboration and shared learning. This process aligns the operational structure for teams to be high performing.

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