“The task of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there.” – John Buchan

“If you hold service as a key, you will open the door of greatness.” – Wale Adekanla

The surest and the only way to greatness is service. My work with people has helped me to discover that many of us have misunderstood this concept of greatness. The first thing is to understand this idea of leadership and disconnect from the traditional leadership concept. The word ‘servant’ makes us to think more of being lesser than someone. Most times, we think more of slavery instead of serving one’s gift to the world. It is about the uniqueness of your gift, and that if you don’t give it for the benefit of others, then you have deprived the world of your irreplaceable contribution. I am not saying you should make yourself less, but be significant by distributing yourself to others.

I am convinced that everyone was born with the potential to lead and become great, but this is not automatic. Greatness comes to life in your area of gifting. The orange seed has the potential to become an orange forest, but that doesn’t mean it would be. The seed must first pass through a process of development. We can also say every newly born male has a man, father or husband inside him. In the same manner, the seed of greatness inside every human must be discovered, developed and served to others before the achievement of greatness. I encourage you to discover (identify your gift), develop (have a development plan) and serve your gift (create products are services) to the world.

You have greatness within you!

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