You deserve peace and happiness as a Leader!

“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.” — Mark Twain.

Sometimes we keep pathogens and pests as friends without knowing. Some of them pretend as if they care. Pathogens and pests have their selfish reasons for holding people as friends. It is imperative to analyze every relationship you have and separate the indispensable from the worthless ones. Some friendships eat you from inside-out (pathogens) while some eat you from outside-in (pests).

How can you identify pathogens and pests?

– They magically appear when they need something from you.

– Every call they make turns into an issue about themselves.

– They don’t value things that are important to you.

– You are not always their priority.

– It’s a one-sided relationship, and that one side is all you.

Don’t allow unhealthy friendships to destroy what you cherish, your dream and values. Take a life-changing decision and make a new list of your real friends. Removing a name or adding a new name can re-position you towards success in all areas of life. Every relationship increases or decreases you. You have greatness within you!

You will make it!

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