Is it possible to experience leadership without corruption in an organization or a nation? Yes! Yes, it is possible but tough to experience because corruption is a mindset disease that is hard to be healed!

Corrupt people don’t obey laws designed for the benefit of an organization or a nation. Anyone who breaks a law to achieve a goal is not fit to be given a leadership position. People permit corrupt people to be in leadership positions in nations because most of the citizens are corrupt. There is a principle in life: “Everything produces after its kind.” This simply means that you cannot produce something better than yourself. Both good and bad leaders come from among citizens of a nation. Stop celebrating people who manipulate to achieve their goals. Leadership is not manipulation! Corruption kills creativity and innovation. Corruption multiplies crime. Corruption catalyzes underdevelopment. Corruption produces war!

Tell someone around you that you desire corruption – free leadership where you are. We want visible development. We desire transformation. Start from yourself. Then, influence your family, community and organization. Share the message. If you want to change something, you have to engage it. Remember that you cannot change what you avoid.

Be the change. Lead the change. Every nation deserves more.

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