This is one the sensitive subjects I love to teach in seminars and conferences. How can you influence people anywhere?

If you want to influence people and lead anywhere, add value. If you can touch people’s hearts, they will follow you. Don’t sit in a position waiting for people to follow you. Go to where people are, solve their problems, and see them follow you. Leaders are problem solvers. They don’t complain about problems. They see problems as opportunities to add value. They solve problems in their families, communities, organizations, and nations. Increase your level of influence and see people follow you.

How can you add value and influence people? Create products and services from your gift. Then, distribute to people. People follow you when they use your products or services to solve their problems. Business owners are leaders because they are problem solvers. You can lead anywhere. Your leadership power is discovered in two ways: In crisis or disaster or by influence of another leader.

Focus on influence, not position. A position doesn’t make you a leader. It only gives you the opportunity to lead. The result of giving a position to someone that is yet to discover and develop his/her leadership potential is disaster, not development. You don’t lead from outside-in, you lead from inside-out.

Your certificate doesn’t make you a leader. Every nation that is committed to development searches for real leaders who have served with track records to help in solving national problems. You can only export what you have. What you have can add to or remove from people. Real leadership is discovered, developed and served. It is a process. The interesting thing is that you can learn leadership skills by developing your gift (leadership potential) daily. You don’t retire from your gift. Learning and leading is a lifetime project.

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