In a fruit juice producing company, Felix, a senior officer was employed to be purchasing ingredients for the company. One day, the department head discovered through the newspapers that the fruits’ prices were reduced and he sent him out with a driver to make a purchase for the next production.  He also decided to send Susan, a junior staff with a different driver for the same purpose. Having gotten the prices the next day, Felix returned with a list of six fruits as he usually did. Susan also returned with a list of different 10 fruits and separated prices as per one and in bulk. She used her money to buy a sample of each fruit and also took pictures, and this was used to make her report.

When Felix and Susan made their presentations, it was obvious to all that Susan was more creative and innovative. They were both sent on the same assignment, but Susan did more than what she was sent to do. After four years in the company, her attitude truly helped her to get two promotions. Felix did not receive any promotion and was later sacked because his attitude to work couldn’t move the organization forward.

This is the point: always be creative and innovative to do more. Organizations employ and pay people to solve problems, not to create them. Do more than what you are sent to do in every situation. If you want to achieve extraordinary things like Susan did, always think through on how to add value and get more results EVERYWHERE!

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