Do you know how to lead and achieve greatness? Do you really know that you can build great employees and produce a great organization? “The 17 Indisputable Laws of Greatness: How to Start from Where You Are” is a book full of principles of greatness. They are constant and affect functions. The principles are not facts. Facts change but principles do not change. Principles are predictable. They work anywhere, for anyone, at any time and in any situation. They have no respect for anybody. Those who know and obey principles are wiser than people who live by facts. They give you the unlimited power to always know what to do in every situation. They make life simple for you.

The book shares what I have applied, experienced and learnt from my 10 years of comprehensive research about people who were effective in influencing the world. These laws are established principles from common and divine sources. This book’s contents will convince you that everyone has the ability to lead. This book’s contents are capable to transform your business and your entire life.

Relocating human beings from one place to another is easier than to change trained minds. Many minds have been wrongly trained and difficult to be transformed. Traditional cultures that dispersed within environments have made millions of people in the world to accept that they cannot lead, so they wait for things to happen or watch things happen. The contents in this book are against normal life. The ideas in this book will interrupt the cultures and stories you have believed. Some of the beliefs were built through our relationships in families, communities, organizations, and nations. These unjust beliefs have to be questioned personally if you want to achieve greatness. This book will reintroduce you to the original culture and ideas that you need to lead and achieve greatness. These principles will also reconstruct your mind and reposition your life.

This book will help YOU and your ORGANIZATION in 12 ways. You will know and understand;

Why you were designed to lead

How to discover yourself

How to capture your vision

How to share your inspiration

How to commit to principles and values

How to express your passion

How to empower others

How to discipline yourself and protect your purpose

How to coordinate your resources

How to manage your priorities

How to produce successors

How to manage anything

Don’t wait till tomorrow before you order the paperback or download your kindle version now. Do it NOW because the world is waiting for your greatness! If you want to order copies for your team(s) or staff in your organization, contact us. We will mail them to you anywhere in the world.

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