You naturally grow living thoughts when you open your mind to worthwhile things.” – Wale Adekanla

The hardest and most expensive work in the world is thinking. Thinkers are not cheap people. They are not everywhere. They solve problems for people. They sit down and think fresh thoughts. Thinkers become leaders because their thoughts are full of life.

The toughest task that I have ever done in my life is the reconstruction of the human mind. I have discovered that “If you can help to change someone’s negative way of thinking, then you have successfully transformed the life.”

The fundamental difference between a rich and a poor person is the way they think. Let me explain that. A rich person thinks rich while a poor person thinks poor. A rich person thinks he is rich even when he has nothing and literarily that changes everything. Everyone wants to live a better life but not everyone thinks better. A poor person wants a better life but he knows that he is poor and that knowing is the core problem. The knowing is simply called “self-image” or “self-perception”. The knowing is basically the cause of the poverty because you can’t get anything different from what you think, know and understand. You are what you think. Our lives can never be better than how we think because it is an unbreakable law.

The reason why many people don’t think and make big things happen is because majority believe that thinking is not work. As a success coach, through experience, I have come to realise that thinking is hard work. I encourage you to think and think big that all things are possible for you even from the slum or average. But if things are good for you, there is another place that is better than good. Be transformed on the inside and you will get there.

The best way to have control over our lives is to control what we think because thoughts become things. We cause every effect to existence through our thoughts. In fact, where you are now is the result of how you saw yourself. It starts from your self-image, then self-esteem, then self-worth and then self-concept. Your self-concept is your philosophy and that makes you to act unconsciously. The effect is your self-concept while the cause is your self-image. How you think reflects in the way you feel, talk, and act.