American medical doctors did research on their levels of

happiness after five years in hospitals. It was discovered that 85 per

cent is not happy with what they do; they hate themselves. They

have money to pay bills, buy cars, and build good houses, but they

are still unhappy. This is where the problem lies. Can you guess

why? They are doing work they don’t love. Many of them were

wrongly misled by relatives, parents, environmental, economic

factors, or peer groups. Some signed up for courses in higher

institutions because they saw someone rich a medical career or they

saw a family friend studying it and decided to do it too. People say

it is lucrative without understanding the need for passion.

In fact, it is disheartening that many parents design personal

destinies for their children as they grow, without taking the time to

discover what God has designed for them and choose courses that

suit it. It is an error of fulfilment to make a wrong career choice.

Ingredients of Passion Whatever you enjoy doing without being paid for it, you

enjoy it no matter the situation—that is your passion. When you

are on the road of passion, you keep moving even if others are not

moving. There is an extra energy from the invisible that keeps you

on track. While it is a lifetime of hard work for others, you see it

as the easiest thing for you. It is a God-driven, natural potential

compared to other things you do. That kind of job or profession is all

you are passionate about.

It is like someone that wants to travel abroad; a visa is a

necessity. In your passion, you will be taken through a powerfully

discovered VISA that represents the passport you need to travel into

your clear future: Value, Interest, Skill and Ambition. These are

all you need to understand before you can choose your passionate

career that can let you become a celebrity. If you have failed to

choose a career you are passionate about, then you are out of God’s

purpose for your life. The first thing is to discover your VISA to

create your passion; they are the work force that you have to respect

with diligence in order to be at the peak of any career.

Many professions may be around you that you can decide to

choose, but you have been created in a special way and are specially

tabbed for a particular one, an area in which you can be the best. When

you do it, it is easier than any other work. Imagine a kind of career

you are developing, and you do it to help people without being paid,

yet you are still extremely happy for your success. Experience has

shown that the kind of joy to be produced in you would be internally

more powerful than money. I have delivered speeches in many free,

organized seminars and trainings in focus to help people succeed.

I am always fulfilled by seeing people changing from their failing

ways to success. I enjoy teaching what I know; helping others out of

their ignorance gives me more fulfilment than any other thing.

Once you take note of a passionate course in your studies,

sign up for it as a career. Your passion could be created from what you

value, or from where your interests lie, or from a particular skill in

which you have been trained, or from an ambition or dream. Passion

takes you through states of happiness, satisfaction, and personal

success. Not all those that you see with huge bank accounts are

fulfilled; many don’t have internal happiness or real success. What

brings fulfillment with the help of God is living with passion, living

with purpose, and living with your dream. But the most important

one that can help you to fulfillment is your passion, because all that

you need to take you through challenges of actualizing your life

purpose and dreams is your passion. A dream without passion is like

a picture without possibilities.

Let’s look at Sam Adeyemi’s view on how Martin Luther King

Jr. acted with passion. In his book, Multiply Your Success—Lead, he

analysed that the King did not go to the Abraham Lincoln Memorial

and pronounce, “I have a plan.” That would not have inspired others

to rise and fight for blacks’ freedom. He passionately spoke like

someone who had suffered prejudice and dreamt of equality. Martin

Luther King Jr. said, “I have a dream!” There was a sense of urgency

that acted on other people’s mind and made them feel what King

felt. Your passion can inspire others do what they thought they could

not do. It helps you to lead. Without a created passion, you cannot

achieve your purpose and dream in life. I want you to discover

your purpose and have a dream. Your reason for your living and

becoming a contributor to your generation is your purpose in life; it

is your assignment in life. It is why you are here on earth, and why

you are made the way you are. You don’t need to try all things; once

you find the one thing for which you were made, you can stop

envying others. Your passion brings out your originality. A purpose

stops you from complaining about what is not working, and it urges

you to create a solution for it.