Passion is not something you discover alone; it is also what

you can create. Your passion is those things that naturally excite,

motivate, and inspire you. It is a strong liking for a subject or activity.

It is different from talent, which are God’s gifts and the strengths

that you can do naturally. In a book written by Marcus Buckingham

and Donald O. Clifton, Now, Discover Your Strength, they observed

that every person is capable of doing something better than the

next ten thousand people. “The most talented people are not always

the ones who win.” Professional football coaches can understand

it well. Passion stands when human need overlaps unique human

talent. Passion is fire, the desire, the power of conviction, and the

inner drive that keeps achieving the vision. The internationally

recognized leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, said if you want to

get a better handle on what you are passionate about, answer these

three questions;

What makes you sing?

What makes you cry?

What makes you dream?

Passion is an intense or overpowering emotion such as love,

joy, hatred, or anger for something or a condition. It is an outburst

of your feelings about a particular lifelong job. Let me put it this

way: have you seen yourself unhappy about how something is being

done or the condition of a place or a people? You feel there should

be a change about something. That thing is what God has put in

your heart as your passion. If you cannot make a change, God will

not let it cross your mind or make you to feel it. The reason why you

want to see a change in something around you is because you are

qualified as a living soul to do it.

The home of passion in the human body is the heart. To create

passion in your life, you must find what you desire to see a change

at, and your special life role or purpose in the world. It is easier

to achieve greatness by focusing on your area of brilliance than

competence. You are only an average person with your competence.

You can only be the best in your area of brilliance.

Competence goes with ability, and ability is to do something

well with measures against a standard, especially one acquired

through an experience or training. But brilliance is an extreme

brightness, a radiance or exceptional intelligence, ability, skill, or

talent. Brilliance brings out an unusual quality in you. Brilliance

carries an excellent spirit, and excellence is a habit. Your competence

may likely end with you as an ordinary person, just like everybody

else, but brilliance earns you an extra bit. As a graduate of first

class or second class upper, everyone says you are qualified in what

you have studied. That is quite correct, but we have many people

around us that get good results, struggle in some courses, but are

naturally brilliant in other areas of life. Their successes will not

be under-studied and celebrated until they focus on their areas of

natural brilliance.