Here are many people’s thoughts and beliefs:

“My life is meaningless!”

“My parents are nobody. Is this not a curse? I live in a part of

the world where nobody knows that I exist.”

“What is the problem? I have money but no happiness!”

“There’s nobody to help me; those I depended on eventually

disappointed me. Oh God, I am finished!”

“It is impossible to become great because I have no

opportunity to go to school.”

“Only some special people are made to make a difference.”

“I am always busy but with no visible result—someone is

working against me!”

“I need money first before I can start anything.”

“My life is boring and full of troubles.”

“I am working and earning yet have no joy. What kind of

work is this?”

“I hate the people working with me, including my boss.”

“I need money to show these foolish people that I am


We say these things and many more as school dropouts, job

seekers, salary earners, and leaders’ day after day. Many people in

different areas of life, all over the world, have given up and are now

hopeless due to poor conclusions or others’ opinions. If you can

check your inner voice, some of them may likely be related to what

you think sometimes. They are even what some of us call normal things

that have no change. We believe that good things are for specially made

and selected people by God, and that God created everyone not for

special purposes.

This is one of the questions I love to ask: “What can you start

doing to enjoy yourself and remain happy for the rest of your life?”

This is one of the critical and sensitive topics I love to speak about

in any engagement. The challenges attached to passion are so strong

because it is a powerful emotion. If you trade with it, you can succeed

and be fulfilled like no one in the world; if you do not, you will remain

unhappy—even with huge properties and big money in the bank. It is

the first step to success, and it increases willpower and produces extra

energy. It is a key to success that stands as the foundation of excellence

if known and understood. Passion is known as talent-plus.